Marietta, 2002

Some selected pictures from Marietta September 7-9, 2002.  Ingram

I couldn't believe it.   I had only been at the festival a few minutes when an Ingram towboat came by.  It turned out to be the only towboat I saw all weekend.

In the races, the Lady Lois pushed the steam barge and the calliope playes all the way up and all the way back.  


take it easy

Pushing their own barge in the race, but not a successfully as Lady Lois.

El Thumper

Pre-race manuvering.  Trying to get a good position for the larger/faster boat heat race.

E L Thumper, Jaunite, Katie H and ....

Lauren Elizabeth

VG LE Racing

Any clues here about why one boat is very fast?

The bow wave of the Lauren Elizabeth is all the way back at the transom.  The next picture shows the Valley Gem's bow wave about a quarter of the way back!

VG at speed

The Mamma Jean, Captain Robyn Stricklin at the helm eats the Lady Lois' wheel wash.


The warf was packed Saturday night for the fireworks.  What a neat town!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.


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