Wheeling 2002

line shot

The weather was great until Sunday morning!  The rain drove off some boats and many spectators, until if finally ended early Sunday afternoon

Nelson LL

Nelson, Robyn and her Sister entertained everyone again this weekend, including the Captain of the Lauren Elizabeth in the green western shirt.

The race started on time since the rain had stopped.  Here is the Lady Lois and her calliope coming past Oh Susana to the race staging area.

Oh Susanna and LL

Oh Susanna

Oh Susanna at speed as we raced past the spectator area.


Gambler was looking good on our starboard.  From the way Marilyn was dancing, I think they won the race!


The Criterion is just a downright beautiful boat!  

ll wins

Lady Lois wins her race with Nelson at the sticks.  I don't know which one of the whistles she was blowing, but it was obviously one of the big ones.  They have the calliope blowing steam also.

ll vitory dance

Playing their victory song!


The races brought out some spectators.  The Lauren Elizabeth is a fair sized boat as she appears at the right side of the warf.  

The fireworks were by the Zambelli's, man they are the BEST!  Their red, white and blue stars are amazing.   I hope everyone stayed dry on their way home.