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Navigation Information  Connections for the MS River and tributaries

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US Coast Guard Regulations (including Navigation rules)
  Boat requirements such as engine compartment ventilation, battery and electrical wiring requirements are in part 183.

USCG Regs, Title 33

Licensing related info is in Title 46
USCG Regs, Title 46

Radio talk on the Western Rivers

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Coming the Summer of 200X!

Floating B & B
The ultimate "get away from it all" conference room
2 - 7 day excursions, some with lots of shopping and side trips
Dogwood tours last week in April, first week in May
Fall color tours every weekend in October the Titans are not in town
Pioneer tours of Cumberland River tributaries on the Spring rise

Call, or email now to find out how you can participate in this great experience!

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